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Organic Skin Care

Today, many people are choosing organic skin care products and food items as opposed to items that have been treated with chemicals. For something to be certified organic, it must meet the USDA requirements. Organic products that bear the USDA organic seal of approval have met requirements set forth by the United States government that regulate the use of antibiotics and hormones in livestock, as well as limiting the use of prohibited substances on crops for at least thee years. Organic products are derived from materials that have met and satisfied the requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture.

When you choose organic products and makeup you can rest assured that you are using natural products on your skin that have been grown and harvested in their most natural form. Purchasing natural skin care products and make up can give the buyer the added satisfaction of knowing that their purchase has not harmed the environment. Organic farmers have a strong commitment to maintaining their farms and crops with methods that help replenish the earth not destroy it. Whether you choose organic skin care products because you love the results that natural botanicals and essential oils provide for the skin, or if you prefer to purchase products that were grown in methods that work in harmony and balance with the earth, you will find that the benefits of using organic products is astounding.


Organic skin care products eliminate the use of harsh chemicals that pose a serious threat to the health of your skin as well as your body. Using natural botanicals and essential oils is a great way to rejuvenate the skin naturally. Essential oils and other plant extracts have been used for their beautifying properties for thousands of years. Today, using organic skin care products ensures the consumer that the botanicals used in the manufacturing process were grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or in manners that cause environmental damage to the land.


Some popular organic products include:


· Body lotions
· Massage oils
· Body butter
· Body creams
· Facial creams
· Skin cleansers
· Body wash
· Facial masks
· Facial and body scrubs
· Facial and body peels
· Face oils
· Face serums
· Body wraps
· Skin toners
· Sun protection
· Make up
· Make up removers


When choosing organic skin care products, it is important to understand the differences between the meaning of organic and their accompanying USDA Organic Seal. Here are the requirements set in place by the United States Department of Agriculture that determines whether a food or product may bear the Organic Seal.


· 100% certified organic products may be labeled as 100% organic.
· Products that contain 95% or more organic ingredients may be labeled or called organic on the primary panel on the product’s label.
· Products with 70% to 95% organic ingredients can be described as “made with organic ingredients” and up to three organic ingredients can be listed on the product.

· Products with less than 70 percent organic contents may only use the word, “organic” on the ingredient section of the information panel.


By understanding what constitutes an “organic” product, you can ensure that your make up and other organic products will provide the results that you are looking for, both physically and environmentally.






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