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Coral Calcium

Minerals are the building blocks of life and without them; the body cannot function at its optimum level. One mineral in particular that is extremely important to proper bodily function is calcium. A great source of calcium comes from coral. Coral is formed when minute sea creatures eat a variety of ocean minerals. They in turn create the coral and after a length of time, a coral reef is formed. Because of the way a coral reef is formed, coral is rich in a number of minerals, especially calcium.

Coral calcium is preferred above other types of calcium because it is very easy for the body to absorb. Calcium is one of the body's most necessary minerals. Calcium deficiency will cause a plethora of health problems ranging from the cellular level to bones and tissue damage.


There are many benefits to taking coral calcium. First, it helps to increase your immune system and improves your body's alkalinity. These are the fundamental building blocks to enjoying great health and are vitally important. Many people at first wonder what it means to improve your body's alkalinity. Simply put, your body can be either acidic or alkaline. Since your body is composed of liquid fluids, like saliva and blood, it is important to keep your body with the proper ph balance. Your body should be more alkaline than acidic. If you body is acidic you will find that you are more prone to sickness, disease, and even premature aging. Certain foods can increase your body's acidic level. Therefore it is important to take the necessary steps to keep your body's PH level in balance and promote alkalinity rather than acidity. If you aren't sure what your ph level is, you can take a test and determine whether or not you need to increase your alkalinity.


Calcium is also important for preventing bone loss. This is especially important for older women who are in danger of developing osteoporosis. It is important to ensure that you receive enough calcium daily because if your body doesn't get its daily requirement it will take it from your bones, teeth, and joints. This is the primary reason people develop osteoporosis and suffer bone loss. Taking coral calcium supplements is an excellent way to ensure that you have the daily-required dose of calcium and protect your bones from future damage or loss.


The importance of maintaining a proper ph balance in the body cannot be overlooked. When the body is in balance, all of the organs, systems, and cells will function at their optimum level. In turn, this ensures that sickness and disease are less likely to occur. The immune system is strengthened and working at its best level and great health can be enjoyed. Additionally, when the body is too acidic, bacteria, viruses, and disease will occur. Another amazing benefit that is enjoyed by those who take coral calcium is the fact that calcium helps remove toxins and impurities from the body. Another benefit is the fact that the body only uses as much as it needs and then excretes the rest.




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