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Organic Clothing

So you may be asking yourself why you should wear organic clothing, right? Well the answer is simple- organic clothing is better for you, the environment, and even your clothes. First, it may be best to explain what organic clothing is. Simply put, organic clothing is clothing that is derived from fibers that were grown naturally and without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. For example, the denim jeans that you are wearing or the tee shirt in your drawer is made from cotton. Cotton is a great and wonderful fabric, and we use it in a number of different ways. However, most cotton is grown under conditions that contribute to nearly 25% of the earth’s level of pesticides, and this is where the problem lies. The damage caused to the earth as well as to human health caused by pesticides is undeniable. The only way to limit and subsequently reduce the amount of pesticides used to grow cotton is to grow cotton organically.

Pesticides are one of the leading carcinogens in the world today. Since cotton is used in everything from children’s bedding to adult clothing, taking the issue of chemically saturated cotton seriously is a wise one. Not only are these harmful chemicals residing in the cotton fabric, but also they will linger in the clothing for years to come. Choosing to wear organic clothing helps stop the vicious cycle of pesticide abuse and helps to prevent its ravaging effects.


Organic clothing is derived from fabrics that were grown without the harmful use of chemicals and insecticides. Not only are these fabrics gentler on the environment, but they are also more durable, and safer on the skin. In fact, many people have reported allergic reactions since the wide use of pesticides have taken over America farms and many sufferers report their symptoms clearing once they made the switch to organic clothing. Organic clothing breathes well, is perfect for sensitive skin, is a wonderful choice for babies and children, and reduces the amount of pesticides in the environment.


Today, many in the fashion industry are recognizing that there is a large consumer demand for organic clothing and they are answering the call. Now, you can find organic clothing created by many of the top designers labeled as “eco-friendly” wear. It is also important to realize that organic clothing is comprised of other materials besides cotton. Soy, hemp, silk, linen, and wool are just some of the natural fibers being used in organic clothing.


Finally, there is one more reason why you should wear organic clothing and that is fair labor and the ethical treatment of workers. Along with the fact that chemically grown crops are not only devastating to the earth but to farmers and workers health as well, many companies that produce organic clothing ensure that the workers who grew the crops were treated fairly and paid a fair share for their employment. This is known as “Fair Trade” and by purchasing organic clothing that has a commitment to fair trade, you can be certain that the workers who grew the crops were treated in a way that will strengthen their communities as well as the environment.




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